jeudi 13 octobre 2011

Douglas Gresham, sorry!

As a book geek, when I think about changes from book to film, I think of what is left out. Like Tom Bombadil in FotR by Jackson, and like the leaving out of anti-school compulsion scenes in Narnia I & II by Disney. Hence this diatribe, which I won't delete, since what I say about school is correct. But let it no longer count as directed against you. You seem to have had a perfetly legitimate point.*

You must have been thinking about the many small changes. At least that could well be the case. If you know the books really well, as you do, and maybe a bit less I do too, some changes are apparent, though they are small. A half blooperish one was the Beavers couple and the three Pevensies getting all that close to the Castle of the White Witch when shouting for Edmund. No, actually, it was not blooperish: it added danger. And it is possible she was not looking because occupied with Edmund. A sweet one was adding the "padding" about WW-2 - the kind of scenes Hollywood excels in anyway. Mrs MacReady was so close to a female Georg von Trapp before he fell in love with Maria Kutschera in the musical. One sentence expanded into five minutes that are to the credit of the script writer. And when books were published so much less explanation about the Blitz was needed than now. And so many moments are faster when shown than when told in words.

I am getting back to the video!

Hans-Georg Lundahl

*I suppose your interview was made before Oh my, what a difference! - Prince Caspian