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mardi 27 mai 2008

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lundi 26 mai 2008


Emanuela Solano has not replied on question whether mice with different caryotypes have been observed to interbreed, which I sent her after reading link in "Speciation observed, but not in mammals". Ian Johnston has not replied to my argument immediately below the quote.

I have given both the opportunity to do so, by mailing them.

UPDATE: included in this post among these on this blog which was made to include it and other related posts.

samedi 24 mai 2008

Citing, again, Ian Johnston

He claims to have proven species to species evolution, like this:

First, there is variety in the natural world (that is self-evident). Second, all living individuals must have come from a living parent (no one has ever been able to prove the contrary). And third, simple species were around long before more complex species (any inspection of fossilized sedimentary strata confirms this point).

Second is invalid in the modality must. The burden of proof rests not on alleged alternative possibility, but on alleged necessity. God almighty, if such there be, obviously (by definition) can create an individual without using the normal procedure of a parent or two.

Third presupposes that geological layers be accepted as temporal in successive small disasters, rather than local in one great flood. For which there is cumulative historic evidence outside Genesis too. But this point has been made over and over again by creationists, only some do not want this point to be made in class.

Nombre de chromosomes des espèces mammifères ...

Comme le savent les anglophones lecteurs de mon blog, je considère le nombre des chromosomes des diverses espèces mammifères comme un obstacle majeur pour l'évolutionisme:

2 Chromosome numbers (first published on Communities dot com) 4 Update on chromosome numbers 4b Speciations observed - but not in mammals.

Bon, aujourd'hui j'étais à la bibliothèque de Carpentras, regardant les livres qu'ils exposaient sur les thèmes d'évolution et de génétique à ce sujet.

Jared Diamond:
Le troisième chimpanzé
Gallimard nrf

selon l'index:
Chromosome - manque.
Biologie moléculaire - deux passages qui esquivent le problème.

Aux origines de l'humanité
sous la direction d'Yves Coppens et Pascal Picq
dont deux volumes accessibles:

- De l'apparition de la vie à l'homme moderne
Ch. 11 traite de la génétique, montre même un image des chromosomes (les 23 paires humaines) mais ne traite pas du problème de leur diversité en nombre entre les espèces.

- Le propre de l'homme
ne traite pas de biologie moléculaire du tout.

Ian Johnston, écrivant en anglais une histoire de la science moderne, finit son oeuvre par un chapitre sur la génétique, dont l'appendix donne une bonne vue des procedures chromosomales normales. Point de référence à ce problème cardinal du darwinisme ... devrais-je être surpris?

1 Nombre de chromosomes des espèces mammifères ... 2 Paléolithique

mardi 20 mai 2008

Another take on FLDS (two sets of links) + update

A Was there any forced marriage at all? : What is this raid? : Why I disagree with promiscuity and fear for the FLDS kids that will be taught modern sex ed
B Someone has said what needs saying: Free the FLDS teens! : Oh, the children too!

I had written about this too: Children physically cannot have children (links, quote, comment)

Here's the update: Texas: Exes and Sexes. by Thomas Fleming. from Chronicles: A Magazine of American culture. I do not quite agree with that author's evaluation of FLDS Mormons. And, as for this ...

The Fundamentalist Mormons are, admittedly, a weird bunch, and I personally find their cult disgusting. Like other Mormon splinter groups, they seem to live off the welfare provided to the mothers of what are in law regarded as illegitimate children. Tom Green (out on parole after a conviction for having sex with his 13-year old “wife”) used to make a good living this way, and, according to people in Utah (Mormon as well as gentile) with whom I have spoken, some monogamous Mormons are all too prone to make use of welfare money to support their large families.

... see my comment:

As for raising large families on welfare money … well, if everyone did it, welfare might run out, but would it be a necessarily disastrous loss? As a matter of fact, everyone is not doing it, and why not people from the ethnic majority? After all, declaring the young wives illigitimate mothers and taxing people for welfare distribution might not have been their idea, and if they bear the burden, why not let them take the advantages too?

But I am as happy as the author about this ruling:

When Texas Child Protective Services (what a grisly name, by the way) seized the children of mothers belonging the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints, I wondered if the state of Texas was turning Yankee. By any legal or moral standard I could think of, the seizure was an abuse of power against the fundamental institution of all human societies, the family. Yesterday’s ruling by the state’s Third Circuit Court of Appeals, which condemned the action as illegal, restores my faith in the sanity of Texans

vendredi 9 mai 2008

Påskunder i grafkyrkan (länk)

Doktorn berättar om påsknatten i Gravkyrkan
Tack, Z, för att du inte lade någon press på mig att berätta om ljusundret i den heliga gravens kyrka! ;-)Det äger alltså rum varje ortodox påskafton, omkring kl 14. (Synd att du missade det, Charlotte Therese!) När jag var där 2004 var Gravkyrkan i Jerusalem fullproppad med människor, som alla hade förberett sig med vaxljus i sina händer. Israelisk militär (!) stod uppställd för att hindra de olika ortodoxa kyrkorna från att råka i luven på varandra. ... Läs mer på länken

lundi 5 mai 2008

Trigonometry, principles, astronomic applications

A What Sine, Cosine, Tangent mean and how they are calculated. The S, C or T for any angle is constant even in obtuse or acute triangles. But their values are calculated using "name of Indian chief" SOH-CAH-TOA (watching Tipi shapes, I do not know more of the story, since I was "reminded" of it in tenth grade without ever having heard it in earlier grades) for hypotenuse = radius of unity circle = 1. Some key values of side relations: O = A @ 45° (half of 90°) ; H = 2A @ 60° ; H = 2O @ 30 °.

Sorry for marking sides in capital letters and angles in minuscules. It is the other way round usually.

B What you can use them for and what you need to do that. I've forgotten the formulas.

C Application in Solar System - I calculating distance to Moon - II using distance of Moon (known from calculation I) with angle of Sun shining on Moon to calculate distance to Sun - III using distance to Sun (known from calculation II) with angle of Sun shining on any other planet (Venus in this example) to calculate distances to that planet from Sun as well as Earth. (source: forgotten consultations of astronomical encyclopedias or school lessons). Note this gives you distance and angles at different times, hence relative movements, but no clue as to which way movement is absolutely going, nor where, if anywhere, there is absolute rest. The results are compatible with Heliocentrism as well as Tycho Brahe-style Geocentrism. They are also confirmed by unmanned space travel with cameras and so on, so far.

D Application or misapplication in parallactic distance calculations: I observations as observed: Star alpha Centauri wavers same way and same time as Sun, but a far shorter distance, between Summer and Winter Solstices - II the heliocentric reinterpretation allows distance calculations, because it gives us one known distance and two known angles (source: any book/article in astronomy, redrawn by me) - III but without that reinterpretation, we have only one angle (less than 00° 00' 01" of a circle) and no known distances.

That being so, parallax seems to depend on heliocentric assumptions.

Hans Lundahl
Aix en Provence
22 April/5 May 2008

Children physically cannot have children (links, quote, comment)

... so teens are not children. "Child welfare"=teen hunters in Texas seem not to get that. Mr. Crimmins (unless misquoted in source):

“There was a pervasive belief that children having children was what they were supposed to do,” he said.

He caters to a "pervasive belief" (but a very recent such) that society is supposed to stamp teens as children. Which is totally wrong, considering both biology and human historic traditions.

Less prejudiced readers may read my essay Missing the Primary Questions. By all means forbid abortion - but take Mr. Crimmins and collegues off their idiotic Commie-style mission as well!

During their stay in the sect, the young girls were systematically "given to" elder polygamous men, after being cut off from age peers, it seems in these news, which is unjust enough. To the boys themselves, but also to girls that might have preferred one of them to those men. Afterwards some were hospitalised. Out of the sect, but not into liberty.

Prof. Marci A. Hamilton, author of the second link, also blogs for changing the Statute of Limitation beyond which sexual agressors cannot be denounced. Presumably she believes in repressed memories refocussing honestly during therapy. There would be a real need for changing statutes of limitation in the case when victims of psychiatry have for long been too scared or too hospitalised to sue hospitals and calumniators that led them into hospitals.

dimanche 4 mai 2008

Le monde n'aime pas le débat.

Aujourd'hui j'ai débatté avec quelqu'une qui se sentait visiblement blessée par mes positions et acquiescé dans la fin d'un autre débat sur requêt de l'autre.

En revanche les mairies aiment la réglimentation. L'interdiction de faire la manche dans l'endroit du parking a été revendiqué. Ayant provoqué l'apparition du gardien, j'ai entendu:
  • c'est une question de sécurité
  • ça relève de la mairie

Madame Joissains semble avoir des penchants communistes et prussophiles, alors. Je ne menaçais personne. J'exerçais un pourvivre selon mon initiative privée, sans voler, pour financer cette autre initiative privée, intellectuelle et artistique qu'est mon blog et mes pages musicques* et des choses pareilles, ou plutôt des conditions de travail un peu plus idéales que de manquer le café le matin en attendant l'ouverture du Secours Catho.

Hans Lundahl,
22 avril/5 mai 2008,
Aix en Provence

*remplacé par musicalia, dont l'index voici le lien

vendredi 2 mai 2008

Depuis quand est-ce que ...

  • Sigmund Freud* est un père de l'église?
  • les psychiatres* sont un épiscopat quand aux "maladies de l'âme"?
  • les astronomes sont un épiscopat quand à la cosmographie?
  • les paléontologues sont un épiscopat quand à l'age de la terre?
  • Dieu leur a conféré l'infaillibilité, sinon individuelle, au moins synodale?
  • les gourous de style, qui méprisent le folklorique, qui soutiennent le moderne, qui parlent du comportement hors l'église, sont un épiscopat quasiment dans une question de liturgie?

et beaucoup d'autres questions comme ça, enfin, depuis quand est-ce:

  • qu'un évèque dans une pastorale paschale se doive d'enseigner les conclusions des non-évèques dans une matière non-réligieuse?
  • ou décider une matière religieuse ou morale depuis l'opinion de laïcs sans fonction ecclésiastique ni même foi chrétienne?

* voir Colonel Blimp

jeudi 1 mai 2008

Bain ou douche?

On prétend qu'un bain soit moins durable commeconsommation qu'une douche, qu'elle consomme donc plus d'eau. Deux remarques:

  1. Ça dépend du temps dans la douche. Il y a douches au dela de 10 minutes qui prennent plus d'eau qu'un bain. D'ailleurs, ça dépend aussi de l'espace dans le bain.
  2. Un bain méthodique et relachant par semaine, ou deux, prend évidemment moins d'eau qu'une douche ou deux par jour.
  3. A part bain et douche, il y a les gants de toilette qui permettent de se laver le corps avec très peu d'eau. Quotidiemment, et on voit le quantité d'eau en avance si on la verse dans une bassine.

Ça fait trois remarques, tenez!