mardi 20 mai 2008

Another take on FLDS (two sets of links) + update

A Was there any forced marriage at all? : What is this raid? : Why I disagree with promiscuity and fear for the FLDS kids that will be taught modern sex ed
B Someone has said what needs saying: Free the FLDS teens! : Oh, the children too!

I had written about this too: Children physically cannot have children (links, quote, comment)

Here's the update: Texas: Exes and Sexes. by Thomas Fleming. from Chronicles: A Magazine of American culture. I do not quite agree with that author's evaluation of FLDS Mormons. And, as for this ...

The Fundamentalist Mormons are, admittedly, a weird bunch, and I personally find their cult disgusting. Like other Mormon splinter groups, they seem to live off the welfare provided to the mothers of what are in law regarded as illegitimate children. Tom Green (out on parole after a conviction for having sex with his 13-year old “wife”) used to make a good living this way, and, according to people in Utah (Mormon as well as gentile) with whom I have spoken, some monogamous Mormons are all too prone to make use of welfare money to support their large families.

... see my comment:

As for raising large families on welfare money … well, if everyone did it, welfare might run out, but would it be a necessarily disastrous loss? As a matter of fact, everyone is not doing it, and why not people from the ethnic majority? After all, declaring the young wives illigitimate mothers and taxing people for welfare distribution might not have been their idea, and if they bear the burden, why not let them take the advantages too?

But I am as happy as the author about this ruling:

When Texas Child Protective Services (what a grisly name, by the way) seized the children of mothers belonging the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints, I wondered if the state of Texas was turning Yankee. By any legal or moral standard I could think of, the seizure was an abuse of power against the fundamental institution of all human societies, the family. Yesterday’s ruling by the state’s Third Circuit Court of Appeals, which condemned the action as illegal, restores my faith in the sanity of Texans

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