lundi 5 mai 2008

Children physically cannot have children (links, quote, comment)

... so teens are not children. "Child welfare"=teen hunters in Texas seem not to get that. Mr. Crimmins (unless misquoted in source):

“There was a pervasive belief that children having children was what they were supposed to do,” he said.

He caters to a "pervasive belief" (but a very recent such) that society is supposed to stamp teens as children. Which is totally wrong, considering both biology and human historic traditions.

Less prejudiced readers may read my essay Missing the Primary Questions. By all means forbid abortion - but take Mr. Crimmins and collegues off their idiotic Commie-style mission as well!

During their stay in the sect, the young girls were systematically "given to" elder polygamous men, after being cut off from age peers, it seems in these news, which is unjust enough. To the boys themselves, but also to girls that might have preferred one of them to those men. Afterwards some were hospitalised. Out of the sect, but not into liberty.

Prof. Marci A. Hamilton, author of the second link, also blogs for changing the Statute of Limitation beyond which sexual agressors cannot be denounced. Presumably she believes in repressed memories refocussing honestly during therapy. There would be a real need for changing statutes of limitation in the case when victims of psychiatry have for long been too scared or too hospitalised to sue hospitals and calumniators that led them into hospitals.

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