mardi 16 juin 2009

A book and a site they might not want you to read ...

When a tenth grader, I lent out Richard Wurmbrandt's "Was Karl Marx a Satanist?". (No, I have not read the other Apocalypse related items on that Amazon page.) The author was revilified by US communists (who had themselves suffered McCarthyism recently), he showed them has back, which had been scourged in the prisons of the then Communist Roumania. I lent it out to a Lutheran priest who had the bad judgement to praise Karl Marx.

He claimed he had given it to my housemother, she claimed never to have received it, one or other of them suppressed the book for me. Paranoia? Well, why have I no more the book? Never existed in my possession? Why do I know parts of content by heart?

Like the beard style typical of a certain satanic lodge or coven in the Blavatsky tradition. Or the black tapers. Or the preternatural/diabolic plays or tale that Karl Marx wrote for his daughter. Or the hatred of God in the Revolutionary tradition that later became Communism as of East block and China ....

Then there is this:

Interview with Robert Spencer: Explaining the Islamist Threat (from "Tradition, Family, Property" - an organism or charity which in France is labelled as "sectarian" in recent legislation slightly reminding of Communism and of repression of Christians in Algeria).

If they have told you not to read my blog - look at what is said about non-armed varieties of jihad. With appropriate quotes from Islamic jurists.

Islam and Communism ... do they have something in common? Maybe the idea of "moral reform by (forced or much persuaded hard) work" - even for non-criminals who are simply undesirable or for criminals whose crime is not stealing.

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StenHuggarn a dit…


Har startat en liten smidig webbring som sammanfogar våra kristna hemsidor och bloggar! Gå med du med och sprid ditt budskap, öka även trafiken till din sida.

Webbringen heter Frälsaren.


StenHuggarn a dit…


Has started a small web ring smooth dovetailing our Christian websites and blogs! Go with you and spread your message, increase traffic to your page.

Web Ring called the Savior. In sweden we call it Frälsaren(The savior)/StenHuggarn.

Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

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