samedi 4 septembre 2010

Crucifixes in school (Lautsi vs Italy) - link

Cardinal supports right of school to show crucifix

By Ed West

25 June 2010

Christian tradition should not be rejected in the drive towards a multicultural Europe, Cardinal Keith O’Brien has said ahead of a key European Court ruling on crucifixes.

Related, by Mgr Williamson:

"But, your Excellency, how can you possibly declare (EC 163) that the Lord God is the one true solution for all social problems of a big modern city, such as your friend presented them to you in his own city three weeks ago ? What does God have to do with politics or social problems ? I always thought He was only concerned with things like religion and spirituality !"

Ah, my dear friend, who is God ? Not only did He Himself create the soul of each one of us and the matter out of which our parents put together our bodies, but also He goes on creating them for every moment that they continue and will continue to exist. He is thus closer to each of us human beings than we are to ourselves. So the Church teaches that any offence against our neighbor is first and foremost an offence against God, because He is more deeply and closely within us than we are in ourselves. So whoever offends neighbor, offends more deeply God, and whoever never offends God will not offend his neighbor. If then in the parish and school of the Society of St Pius X (EC 163) parishioners and children learn to put God first and His Ten Commandments, are they not learning to solve all big city problems, between neighbor and neighbor, at their root ?

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