dimanche 21 septembre 2008

Geocentric observation

I watch the sky and see
The Sun is going low.
Tomorrow it will be
Arisin' again so slow.
And all I know agree
It's hot, a fiery glow:
The question that is burning
Is who of us who's turning.

Some say that it is we
Who turn around each day
And that the turn we see
Is made the other way
- But I think it is he
Who turns around to pray
To his eternal Maker,
Our Keeper without Shaker.

Hans Lundahl

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Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

Thank you!

DaD a dit…

I wanted to share a poem I found today while cleaning my daughter's bedroom. I don't know who the author is.
titled: Musical Voyage
I'll learn to read music,
all the notes on a staff,
then I'll be the captain
of a noteworthy craft.

I'll sail through the score,
upon the high C
past spaces and lines
down to E,F, and G.

Powered by rhythm,
with notes as my guide,
I'll travel new places-
my world's open wide.

When I learn to read music,
I'll discover the treasure
of melody, harmony,
and joy beyond measure.