dimanche 23 août 2009

My dear Bishop Williamson, if I had earned money and bought a passport and come to London, I'd have liked to say this in private

But you said your thing in public, and I saw the interview on youtube.

A) You are not only kind, but honest. Ooops, that may have been a spoonerism (dupondtisme as they say here). I mean, not only honest but kind, of course. Even the joke about getting in prison was charitable, since the journalist was possibly trying to provoke some kind of disaster and you did not grudge him, as long as it was against yourself. But you are a bit academic in accepting technical evidence above eywitness evidence. That is the ONLY way you deserve the rude comment of some French clergyman who said your words were not those of a Christian. In St Jerome's time the rudeness against clergymen (even from clergymen) was such a rare thing that angels needed to beat him up for being Ciceronian. Men would not do it. Back then.

B) Fred Leuchter had a problem more than the Nazis, because US death penalty includes desiderata about the condemned having decent clothes and recogniseable hair (and sometimes beard) when he enters the death chamber - and keeping a clean skin when exiting. The gas is not only poisonous when not burning, but it will also burn, though that will scourch the corpses. That is the missing detail from the witnesses. That doesn't mean the fifty or hundred israelis who did the job of emptying gas chambers and said so before israeli courts were liars.

C) About death numbers. The killings were not done on one day, the total number is therefore not a unitary fact observable by a witness, but a conclusion, logical and mathematical, and therefore open to mistakes. The "impossibility of gas chambers" is not the only evidence against a very high death toll. Their possibility is not evidence they were always used from 1940 to 1945.

D) Honouring the memory of the dead: whether forced dying in typhus or getting out from a gas chamber scourched, it is very gruesome. There is one thing you can tell those who need consolation, from the book of Wisdom, the Latin translation of which is used in the Commune Martyrum, and applicable to every one who was just when dying:

ecce quomodo computati sunt in numero filiorum Dei et nos stulti putavimus eos ... et finem eorum sine honore

(I need to revise that text, I used to know it by heart).

It is said there were Jews who made a process on Adonai back there. Some argued He was guilty, some defended. That is better than they did when Kaiaphas was in charge of the process.

I thank Queen Helen of Romania that a man who was a grandfather to me when I was small was alive to see me. And I thank his deceased wife and her son (my stepfather) for teaching ma and thereby me that Christianity is necessarily Marianic - or as Protestants say Mariolatrous.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Paris IV, G. Pompidou Bpi
Sunday after octave of Dormition
(as Latins and neohimerites reckon)
Year of Creation disputed,
Year of Grace 2009

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