mercredi 28 octobre 2009

Przepraszam, druga Litwa!

Nežiniau, kad yra jusu himnas tautininkas "Kur bega Sesupe", rašas jas harmonias.

Since I did not study Lithuanian very long and Polish even less time, I turn to English. Sigute Radžieviciene, Vilniaus Universitete profesorius Skandinovuju kalbu, very clearly told me that Maironis was the national poet, but I cannot remember quite as clearly - maybe she did tell and I forgot - that that poem in particular was the national anthem, and as such already a musical composition.

Hans-Georg (Jonas Jurgis) Lundahl
Paris III
28 october 2009

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Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

Oops and przepraszam once again!

Your national anthem is of course Tautiška giesmė by Kudirka, unless Wikipedia is lying!

Anyway, Kur bega Sesupe is also set to tunes, and a well known song, here is a youtube link.