samedi 24 octobre 2009

Some people cannot see beyond family

And, even very intellectual people sometimes confuse As and Gs, I suppose.

G. K. Chesterton IS NOT A. K. Chesterton.

The latter was not only fascist (which may sometimes be OK), but racialist and a xenophobe (which is not so). The former is so NOT all that.

As myself for many years and still going strong, my friend Jeff likes GKC - Gilbert K. Chesterton.

He describes him as:

Not a literal 'prophet' but a decent man and a good writer.

I comment:

What I am trying to be too.

This remark is not totally off the hook, since people who are trying to give me a false alternative "are you a true prophet who takes no money or a false prophet who takes money" without stating it in so many words, but all to often implying it, are starting to annoy me. Chesterton too got money from writing, as I hope to, and one did not describe him as a false prophet for that. In order to be a false prophet you have to pretend to be a true one. People who claim I told them I made that claim, are liars. People who think I made that claim because they heard it from such liars, are people believing liars. Just as the people calling Chesterton - the Gilbert one - a fascist divide into liars, people who read sloppily and people who believe sloppy readers to be acribious and lying tellers to be truthful.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
24 october 2009
Paris IV, Baudoyer

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Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

And this Chesterton was specialised in dismantling protestant propaganda.

Guardian has an article in which is said:

The Vatican's statement had fewer misgivings about the Orthodox Church, which had "true sacraments" and a genuine priesthood. But their failure to acknowledge the Pope's authority meant they suffered from a "defectus", politely translated from Latin as "a wound".

Mistranslating Latin is indeed a Protestant specialty. Wound is not a polite translation, it is not a translation at all. Defectus means lack of something that should be there. In the Protestant case it is even priesthood and much sacramental life which is lacking, in the Orthodox case it is, to any Papist recogniseing there is a Papacy today, union with the Pope and therefore jurisdiction.

Guardian is Anglicans or atheist/agnostic children or evergreen grandchildren of Anglicans - who to Rome are Protestants, lacking in Sacraments. They do want to solidarise the Orthodox with the offense they feel themselves, and making a remark, in context with the Orthodox, of "defectus", politely translated from Latin as "a wound" is a diabolical way of making them feel deeper offended than Protestants.

Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

However, I do not consider it the least xenophobe to keep St George as England's patron. When recent immigrants start to make rules for the indigenous, it is time to call a halt.

Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

Who are the Musselmen anyway to be offended by militaristic Christians?

St George he was for England is about old Christmas customs.

St George he was for England by Chesterton closes off this blogpost.

Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

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