lundi 28 juin 2010

Spam or directed commentary?

kashif14763 a ajouté un nouveau commentaire sur votre message "What is in a title?" :

Really very relavant artical with the topic it is good work.

Anyway the site does not inspire my full confidence, look, what I found there:

Check Republic Translation

Oh? I would have written Czech translation. Czech Republic is a country, not a language. And I do not spell it Check Republic.

Other funny stuff with that post:

I got The Cross and the Switchblade as authored by Nicky Cruz. That man is in the book, but it was written by the pastor who met the Mau-Mau Nicky Cruz - who also wrote a book with himself, Run Baby Run.

I read that book too. The time before he became an Evangelical Christian he felt like running away all the time, being scared. That has so NOT been my situation, not even when I have actually left city after city.

If they think that I was in that mood or in that kind of spiritual captivity when I left Sweden, they are misled by the demon. Dito for other places I have left. If they think that "when I get the Spirit" I will be useful for restoring other people who have been evil and try to get out of it, they are, once again, misled by the devil.

I am not a man who grew up afraid not knowing God. I am a man whose relation to God has time after time been menaced and poisoned - now so long by Freemasons and such Jews as hate or fear my Church or want to "get me back" from it or to control my life in it - and God has still preserved me from real Apostasy, such as would appear such to both East and West. And my spiritual life, the life of Grace God gave me, has also been threatened by what seem to me betrayals on part of the priests I go to.

Because, if freemasons have all the time pushed for me getting into so much social life or work that they can remodel me, priests have listened to lies about my keeping out of work by any kind of other motives than that. Or decided to judge me as one needing remodelling, thereby abetting the freemasons' side.

I was allowed to quote a word from a FB friend something about arguing in communication difficulties because of the other person's arguing against their preconceptions about anyone disagreeing with them. Unfortunately a friend of hers jumped onto the discussion, as identifying herself in that remark and objecting to it, leading to a discussion which has today been deleted.

But arguing against one's preconception rather than against actual words is maybe bad manners in a discussion, when dealing with truths and with truth, praying for and discussing a person with responsible people according to one's preconceptions is bad manners in dealing with a soul. I am not saying this is what my priests do, I say this is what they seem to me to do. In that case, they have taken a cue from Swedes (and maybe some others) of confessions they regard as heretic. And which are so. If Pentecostalism is not as directly against the Catholic Church as Lutherans once were - if you read French, read previous message by the way - it did inherit heresies from it, and was based on a reading of the prophet Joel which is not the right one.

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