mercredi 23 juin 2010

Sounds nice, but is it St Theresa?

"Let this presence settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each and every one of us.."

This does not strike me as a prayer, it strikes me as a suggestion. Maybe not a very bad one, maybe good in itself, but it is so not a prayer, and I do not really think St Theresa of the Child Jesus and of The Holy Face ever said anything like that to a novice, but if she did, I would like to know where.

Usually Catholic faith does not encourage chain letters. Especially not with promises like "if you send this to ten persons plus one back to me something good will happen within 8 minutes". The kind that says "look at this, this is fun" may be perfectly licit, as long as the fun thing is itself licit.

I hope this was the last time I handed on a chain letter like that. I also wish it were the last time for all of you. I send this as a chain letter, yes, but as a chain letter of reparation for previous chain letter.

I also publish this on my blog, so every one can see I do not approve of chain letters with supernatural promises that are more preternatural than supernatural, nor of "prayers" that are not prayers.

I would like to know there had been nothing bad attached to this, but, for one thing, a Catholic who does not either believe in chain letters sent me a notice back about something and I lied because I blushed for having handed on a chain letter.

I invented what I had not considered, that I thought a priest had blessed the chain letter. I also "prayed" the prayer before sending on, so it may have something to do with that, that I lied.

She also told me another thing, about an alcoholic getting to reason.

Conversions from alcoholism are not always divine, even when they are supernatural. That is why approved places of grace, like Lourdes and Fatima are famous for healing real bodily diseases, but not alcoholism. Yet another reason for skepsis about this chain letter.

Insofar as there was a real alcoholic who got a real respite and really from God, may whoever knows that be grateful.

Insofar as there may have been a real alcoholic who got something from the devil, pray that he or she be not damaged from the devil, even if it means falling back, but pray if you like that if she or he needs to and wants to stay sober, God will grant success therein.

I pray you to hand this on to who so ever may have gotten the original chain letter insofar as you share my purpose of reparation and of staying with the faith.

Hans-Georg Lundahl

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