dimanche 4 juillet 2010

Please pray a Rosary for the US today!

Whatever you think about the decision of His Most Christian Majesty to help forming them.

Good for Louis XVI too that he did not find it wise of Lafayette to enter into hypnosis! /HGL

PS: another of my friends (link above is to author Elena Maria Vidal's blog) also a writer and a Monarchist in the US wrote as status:

would like to celebrate freedom this Independence Day weekend by saluting all the law enforcement folk who will be manning sobriety checkpoints, ferretting out fireworks, and, of course, cracking down on smoking in bars! Have a good time, everyone, within the limits (chosen for your safety) that the regime permits you!

I think there was some irony there, Mr Charles A. Coulombe.

Nevertheless, in US there are still - I hope - states in which a twelve year old girl may marry and quit school (unfortunately Clinton changed that if he kept his "promise" or threat which he stated in 1995) whereas in England age limit is 16, and in France changed from 15 to 18 (which was already the limit for guys) in 2006, blasphemously enough by a decision taken on St Gabriel's day, the Vigil of Annunciation. Spain still holds out insofar as between 14 and 18 marriage is possible with a special derogation after the younger of the spouses to be writes a judge to ask permission.

Also, in USA a man may hold creationism and geocentrism to be not only true but scientifically more probable without getting into big trouble with informal censorship - at least the example of Robert Sungenis (who honours his patron Saint St Robert Bellarmine) suggests it. So far I have found France somewhat less free.

I also think there are states - even most I hope - in which, unlike what I heard about France by a man of the country in 2005, couples living in houses without electricity are allowed to keep their children - here, he said, social authorities are willing to pay for installing electricity, but not to let children live without a modern commodity like that.

Also, US was active in making Lithuanian independence a fact back in 1990. So, yes, I do not curse but very much bless the memory of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette (married to each other at ages 16-14 by the way) for sending Lafayette!

Hans-Georg Lundahl
BpI George Pompidou, Paris

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Anonyme a dit…

Appeal for a Rosary for America by TFP

Anonyme a dit…

youtube reacting an era when US had more freedom than even US has today

Anonyme a dit…

I meant re-enacting, of course

Hans-Georg a dit…

Secular state is not a solution, but remember, the Constitution does not forbid singular states, only the federacy to make laws about establishing a confession. Maryland was a Catholic state under the constitution.

HGL a dit…

US, shamefully enough, though, has lots of Prots identifying Papal Rome with the harlot in scarlet.

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