lundi 12 juillet 2010

What I see as rot in here ...

I was talking with a European in one of the former colonies of Spain.

He was upset by a certain noticeable political self hatred in Europe.

I explained there were two reasons the left had for forgetting the past:

  • Self hatred for shame for recent past like World War II or colonisation.
  • Hopes for near future, about global justice or about making the world one village.

He said: Europe is not just Hitler, it is also the people who stopped him. And now, islamo-fascism is eating us.

He wondered for the reasons of the left. I answered, for one century up to 1950 or so, many universities in England and US taught us to undervalue or feel disgust at Christianity's and Christendom's history and to praise "tolerant" Al-Andaluz, the mentality lives on.

Where are those tolerant Muslims?

Well, I told him about one Muslim in uniform of the public gardens telling the picknickers they must not drink alcohol. Peaceful picknickers, students, well behaved girls. Even ;) too well behaved to speak with me, I could have added. And it was wine, not distilled stuff. One bottle on four girls.

I explained that the pro-Muslim attitude comes from one-sided school teaching. It is also inculcated by a kind of extortion: people who consider National Front are told by teachers, doctors, social assistants and so on, they should not, those values are not supported. Also, they often have Muslim neighbours.

Also, he was surprised Muslims vote here. He took it for granted Muslims have no democracy in their countries, I told them Algeria has elections and a Parliament recently voting as a law that the 130 years of colonialisation were a crime. They have not, I could have added, voted any law saying the slave hunt before Charles X was a crime or that the rising of Abd-el-Kader was.

He was shocked to hear the Muslims are not only citizens but even 10%. He said they have 4 children, European women not even 2, do the mathematics.

I said, I do tell Europeans should get more children.

He wondered about what it would take before Europeans kicked the Muslims back to their countries. I said I did not know.

He said we are nihilists if we let this go on. I answered, no, not really nihilists, but ver bad moralists. It is supposed to be immoral to stop a Muslim from entering a country which is richer and more peaceful than his own. Or to kick him out. Or to get "more children than one can support" (as if there were no difference in the efforts of supporting generally speaking between a celibatarian and a father).

I could have added: many appreciate tolerant Muslims as festive company, as hashish dealers, but also as experts on drug addiction, how to "know" when someone is alcoholic, or how to deal with alcoholism. The new policy in public gardens was not decided by Moslems alone. I could have added atheists and free masons sometimes appreciate them for calling Christianity what they themselves also consider it: madness. Including in psychiatry.

We did not speak about the Spanish kings for a short while, and for much longer the Portuguese ones, who accepted African men's witness they had taken fellow African's slaves in just wars of defence and were selling only war criminals. As now we take very many men's witness they came here for just reasons. That also diminishes for a historic moment the freedom European Christendom usually enjoys. This one.

He told me: they are human, like you. They are not unbeatable. They are weaker, since they have no [correct] values. He meant, I suppose, the left that supports Moslems to the extreme of exposing Christians.

Hans-Georg Lundahl

I think he underestimates difficulties. Librarians are supposed to be civilised people, but here I tried to access in Bibliothèque publique d'Information Beaubourg today's saint, by the Roman Martyrology in French, service supplied by laportelatine a site by the people who celebrate Latin Mass and did so when John Paul II was disfavourable to it, and it is blocked. As if contrary to conditions to consult.

The guy says there must be a way; I answer I hope so.

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Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

Martyrology for 12 July includes one:

In the monastery of Passignano, near Florence, Abbot St. John Gualbert, founder of the Order of Vallombrosa.

HGL a dit…

What the man may have missed is that in Europe, where there are many Muslims, a great fuss is made about who is integrist - grows a beard and has a wife and daughters in veils - and one who is adapted. Most Muslim residents are adapted Western clothing, shaved or in moustache, wives and daughters have either no veil or one that leaves face free.

Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

School teachers who oppose Front National must not be thought of as traitors without any patriotism.

The laws make sure most of tem have Moslems in their class, and they do not want to betray the confidence of Moslem parents.

It seems they did so still in 2005, when a rising attacked precisely schools, but the reason they attack Front National is often simply a sense of responsibility towards Moslem parents. A reason some of them now are fore Front National is that they feel after 2005 they no longer owe Moslems very much.

Above, I wrote about a false sense of guilt for history, one reason Jan Sobieski is not much taught in French schools is that Vienna is not France, and apart from Nice, France does not remember attacks from Turks.

But another is that these teachers really do not want to upset Moslem children or their parents by describing a Moslem power as they generally describe the Third Reich (and could describe previous Soviet or China if they were not so often Communist) or by describing any anti-Muslim as they describe the US, Soviet and of course de Gaulle.

Even Catholic schools take Moslem children, if they have a contract with the State giving them economic privileges, a Catholic school without contract was recently exposed and depicted as Nazis by journalists of a paper or radio station of which one journalist later vandalised a Catholic bookshop.