lundi 10 janvier 2011

Contacté aujourd'hui .../Contacted today ...

Un homme, qui se pose comme voulant imposer la Loi ancienne aux Chrétiens baptisés m'a contacté. J'ai refusé l'invitation à son groupe d'amis, car je crois sa position objectivement erronnée et blasphème.

A man who poses as wanting to impose the ancient Law as an obligation on baptised Christians contacted me. I refused to add him, since I believe his position to be objectively wrong and blasphemous.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
à Beaubourg BPI

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Anonyme a dit…

L'homme s'est présenté comme ayant comme employeur (accessoire?)/the man presented himself as having for (accessory?) employer:

The Eternal Order of Saint Judas Maccabaeus
Founder and Publisher · juin 2010 à aujourd’hui · Wenatchee, Washington
A Catholic brotherhood dedicated to renewing and reestablishing the laws of the Old Testament among all baptized Christians.

My response:

"saint Judas Maccabaeus"?
when is his feast day?
what bishop has given this brotherhood permission to exist?

Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

To above comment I added:

Sure it's not a cover or branchoff for or from Knights of the Maccabees?

Because, you see, I looked it up, Judas Maccabaeus is not celebrated as a Christian saint. Not every hero or king or priest of the Old Testament was a saint.

Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

Both replies/les deux réponses:

FB forum,

où il s'était prononcé/where he had pronounced himself.