jeudi 6 janvier 2011

Handicapped by a Free-Mason (genuine example from 2009)

Never mind that title of message and dates are in French, the words we exchanged are in English. I have inverted order of messages, so that top=first message.

écrivain et compositeur à Antimodernism (auparavant) et mon profil Blogger (maintenant)

Le 01/16/09 8:41 PM, NN a écrit :
Hans-Georg, I don't know French. I do know Latin, Spanish, and Italian, so between them I can sort of read French, but not really.

On 01/18/09 8:40 AM, Hans-Georg M E Lundahl wrote:
French is my default language. Automatic messages are written in French. I do live in France, and I do speak French, but it is my fourth language, English is my third. Latine et scribo et lego, sicut danice et batavice (Dutch).

I do have a problem you might help me out with: Bill Gates is threatening to destroy (if I got it right) all my messages on and there are two [sic!, scil. too] many threads for me alone to save each separately before february 21. Like to give me a hand?

Le 01/18/09 4:26 PM, NN a écrit :
I'd be willing to help, but what do you want me to do?

On 01/19/09 5:05 AM, Hans-Georg M E Lundahl wrote:
There are about fivehundred or fivehundred fifty threads and n personalised pages. They need to be copied to a support that will resist the closure of MSN Groups. Messages and pages in Danish, German and French are already copied. I have also got started with assorted retorts. Messages on board "justice" are simply referrals / links to Aquinas, Summa, in Latin and English. Chesterton also is just links, except the comparison between Everlasting Man and Discours sur l'Histoire Universelle. Most urgent is the message board "general", English and Swedish messages. If you could get all on web cite, own writings as own writings, links as links, or onto some similar thing, it would be great.


Le 19/01/09 7:21, NN a écrit :
I am not a website designer. I'd love to help, but I don't have the technical skill.

On 01/27/09 6:40 AM, Hans-Georg M E Lundahl wrote:
It is not a question of designing, but of saving already extant messages on

Le 27/01/09 6:48, NN a écrit :
I don't know how to do that.

27/jan/2009, later, a little less than a month before groups closed, I answered that point:

a) one window antimodernism, one window, go to page called archive

b) copy url of each message and paste where archive page says so, use my e-mail and cached pages will be sent to me, if successfully cahced - or ur own, and forward successful caches to me

c) check out each webcite link, some are failed

I hoped he would do something. I hoped to get a few more webcitation caches than I had time to get myself, and then I would have used them to make a few blogposts more on some blogs.

He did nothing. Only later did I find out on FB he was a freemason. Obviously since he was a freemason, he disliked some things I wrote. But he could have told me and I could have got on chasing another hand to help me save my work. He left linked-in (where I copied this correspondence on my account) and I unfriended him on Facebook.

I may add: nothing I wrote to him was exaggerated, nothing was unfactual. Everything was exactly as I had counted on all the message boards of my group where each page was 50 threads and main board had more than 350.

I was not asking him to be my disciple or anything abnormal as such. I had got him as a contact for professional purposes on linked-in, he refused the help in my profession as internet writer that he could easily have given me if he had payed one minimum of attention to a purely technical instruction.

Was he supposing me an adept or a wannabe adept of his sect, so that he would customarily be testing my virtues? I do not know, but I do know I dislike both that sect and that kind of testing and that kind of duplicity.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Epiphany 2011
Bibl. Château d'Eau
Paris X

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Hans Georg Lundahl a dit… - this webcite is not to one of my pages or message board threads.

Here is the use I made of it: Refuting a philosophical defense of Heliocentrism - this webcite is to one of the threads that Bill Gates took away with so many other peoples in Febr. 2009.

Here is my blogged reprint of it: [Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere] ...on linguistic evolution - and THAT I could have continued doing myself for long after the closure of MSN Groups Antimodernism (and all other MSN Groups) if only someone (say groups members up in Sweden or the NN I disclose my short correspondence with) had made a lot of those webcite caches, while there was time.
Funny thing is: some of the group members I asked were Trad Caths. They did not help me. Like that freemason who did not help me. Question that poses for me: is Trad Catholicism infiultrated or in league (directly or indirectly) with masonry?

Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

The first webcite I cited has not been removed, here is original URL:

Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

Did he miss getting from main page of webcitation to

Then he was about as clumsy as the "before acting" in infomercials like: this video

Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

My appeals to other friends, those on the group: