vendredi 6 juin 2008

Was Jesus, the Christ, Essenian?

If Essenians were anything like what I've read, they are in fact mentioned in the Canonic Gospels. Simon, before becoming a disciple of Our Lord, was a zealot. And crowds more than once tried to make Him King. When at last they did, they abandoned Him within a week. Possibly because he did not answer up to the Essenian expectations of a military and political Messiah, chasing the Romans and establishing peace.

Did God give any peoples of the time such "Messiahs"? Two barbarian Kings died on the Parascheve, they died and the Sun went black for three hours.* So they died when our Lord was crucified, as long before His death as the robbers crucified alongside Him died after it. "Confregit in die irae suae reges" One was Conor Mac Nessa, whose grandson Cuchulainn delivered Ulster from the Leinster invaders. The other was Froda of Denmark, in whose reign a little girl could walk from one end of the land (which land? Jutland? Scania? one of the islands?) to the other loaded with golden rings and yet go unmolested. That is what God gave idolaters, but He gave His own nation something infinitely higher: and they rejected Him. On my nation's day, I must confess that military deliverers are not always a boon to a nation. Gustavus Wasa became a Church plunderer, paroding the cleansing of the temple blasphemously. And yet Our Lord too was a fighter. Ascension Day - celebrated yesterday - was the public triumph, before the eleven and before all angels.

Hans Lundahl
May 24th/6 June
St Symeon Stylite
and St Vincent of Lerins
Y o Gr 2008

*the wikipedia articles to which I link from their names suggest I misremembered here: Froda seems to have died before Good Friday and Conor Mac Nessa afterwards, when hearing about it: unless I remember correctly this time, i e he asked his druid why the sun went black, and Cathbad answered that the Jews were killing their King, which upset Conor, who was as royalist as he was royal, and too old not to die from the shock.

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Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

Actually Froda of Denmark was contemporary with Emperor Augustus, thus with Nativity, not Death, of our Lord and Saviour.