vendredi 5 février 2010

To someone who called me a "scammmmmmmmer"

My closing words on FB mail exchange were:

*close to L O L*

I AM showing my true face, photographed New Years Eve in Bibliothèque François Mitterand, I AM showing my true name. I am however NOT a registered voter, since I am now out of Sweden which is my voting country.

I have nothing to do with IRS*. My connection with US Govmt is extremely slim, I wrote a letter to Bush disapproving of his declaration of war on Afghanistan, since Talibans are not Al-Qaida and the publically accessible evidence did not conclusively link sept 11 to Al-Qaida even. I wrote a letter to Governor of Idaho after the 16 year old son of a widow defended his siblings against child welfare, disapproving of child welfare. That is all.

I am not on Yo-Ville, but we do have a friend in common. [Not disclosed for obvious reasons] oh that funny last name I keep forgetting, and I did comment on one message about homegrown salad.

Have a wonderful day, you need it if you took me for a tax collector.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
*whatever that is!