dimanche 5 décembre 2010

"As artists cannot help doing ...."

(down to letter sent yesterday)

Modern artists, reflecting the society in which they live, as artists cannot help doing, steadily more repudiate God.

Qué pasa!?

Marxists claim that all artists reflect the society in which they live. And even claim that that is what they ought to. Unless, of course, it is bourgeoise society they reflect. Because that society and its artists are - for Marxists - "the enemy" par excellence.

But a Traditional Catholic Bishop - whoever receives his letters knows the quote, I cannot link to his blog - is not supposed to be a Marxist.

I would claim that Oscar Wilde was closer to God than was Fragonard*. Both sinned in the flesh, and Oscar's sins were worse (considered after their kind, we are not the judges of their souls). But it was only Fragonard of the two who celebrated sin in his art. Oscar celebrated redemption, however slim he deemed the hope for himself. Over and over again: Virginia saying a prayer for poor old Sir Canterville being a chief example. Or Ballad of Reading Gaol where himself he confesses himself "crucified for his sins" as did Dismas, but where also he tells on guards as being close to the barbarians by whose hands Our Lord was crucified. Or that comedy of a husband believing in and redeeming his wife "we all live in the gutter but some of us look at the stars." Or The Happy Prince. Or ...

GKC, dissatisfied with a line of Oscar's, said: "we can pay for the daffodil - by not living like Oscar Wilde". True enough, but he did not say "by not writing like Oscar Wilde". He was, for that, a bit too close to being the Oscar-Wilde-the-writer bis who thanked God for the daffodil by not being Oscar-Wilde-the-man.

Let us hope His Highness meant "artists as a group, statistically speaking, and limited to the known ones" cannot help a certain thing, like reflecting the society in which they live. I mean, how many amateur artists remain unknown because they refuse to do that?

Meanwhile, it is not true even of the known ones. In France there is such a thing as Atelier de la Bonne Espérance - a bit influenced by Hergé, perhaps, but that does not stop them from being great Christian Art. Or from making it, obviously. My upper drawing** on this message was a bit inspired by them.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Bibl. Pompidolianâ
IIda Dominicâ Adventûs
ad annum Dñi MMXI sive

* As an artist. Their souls are not for us to judge.
** Yes, drawing, not drawer: I have no drawers actually. For now, since back in 2004.

"internet c'est bien quand c'est bien utilisé"


C'est vrai - it is true that the answer given is given by a woman who is a seer, but she gives it in reference to Pope John Paul II.

It is also true, that Pope gives many a good Catholic misgivings, particularly about ecumenism, but that answer is clearly a good point.

I can understand, though it would be hard to imitate in Paris, someone not using any electricity at all because he thought electricity was misunderstood by science and really a spiritual force. But internet is not a worse use than others.

Indeed, when it comes to publishing printable material, an arrangement like mine http://o-x.fr/4mwb dispenses of much transport. A bit like old theology books published "Paris et Louvain" but more places and less transport.

One problem I have seen about "trad" preaching is attacks on internet more than on television or on telephone. Indeed, when it comes to calumny, phones are worse than web, since usually calls are not consultable (I try to avoid chat function).

Another is here: http://7.ly/e2n and has been forwarded to superiors in "Écône" (Schwandegg, really) and OP HQ in Rome as well as to Mgr André Vingt-Trois (as Primas Francie) and a Spiritan of Novus Ordo part of congregation.


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Seems it is the Bishop of Lyons who is primas ... galliarum.