vendredi 10 juin 2011

Fwd: "Airticle 5 : Nane sall be pit tae torture or thole cruel, inhuman or bemeanin haunlin or punishment."

Nice to know the word thole is not just Nordic, but Scots too.
Having one's affability - as in taste for not pushing people away when they want to talk to you - abused as a way of "documenting" one is either a drunkard or a faggot (I was invited to coffee by one I knew to be so this morning, and I nearly had a coffee by a leering man day before yesterday), just so that Bernard Delanoë ("aperte homophylophilus") can get away with continuing to recommend me to his cronies for their "solidarity", and also abused so as to be kept more often in company with men older than myself than girls younger than myself, and THAT so that Swedish psychiatrists can get away with saying I suffered from suppressed homosexuality, self-hate and suicidal pulsions back when they ruined my life back in 1998, seems to me a bit like "cruel, inhuman AND bemeanin haunlin". Unless they think of it as "punishment" - for not obeying their evil councils earlier in my life.
The sad thing is that St Nicolas de Chardonnet treats me after their counsils rather than after my words. As if it were the duty of a celibate man to prove he is not homosexual before allowing him to marry and be heterosexual. As if it were the duty of a man who has been hurt by psychiatry to be hurt even more rather than to hurt the professional reputation of psychiatry. As if it were the duty of a Christian to forgive all homosexuals and freemasons and at the same time shun them in order to go to confession as an ex-faggot repenting even if never a faggot and an ex-mason repenting even if never a mason. Especially as if it were the duty of a Christian observed by psychiatrists to pardon each wrong psychiatry did as individual mistakes of fallible men doing their best rather than the oppression, psedo-medicine, pseudo-jurisdiction, pseudo-penitentiary system it is.
Oh by the way, this gets to my blog also.
Charlène, je sais que tu parles l'anglais. Lucie, j'espère que tu parle l'anglais et que tu ais compris le dit. Rose, tu parles français aussi: vous les trois pourriez faire quelque chose pour me faciliter la vie. Surtout une de vous. Désolé de ne pas me montrer très amoureux, mais la surbouffe et sous-sommeil et les irritations sociales me difficilitent d'être à la hauteur de ... Svallerup ... le pélé l'année dernière (j'ai le pied blessé cet année) ... ou ce matin là devant Gare de Lyon.
Les autres: non, ces trois filles n'ont rien fait qui entame leur honneur, mais elles ont su que je les tiens en affection.
Hans-Georg Lundahl
Bibliothèque Buffon/Paris V
10 - VI - 2011

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