mardi 28 juin 2011

Is John Todd discredited by Jack Chick?

I just read the close to insane story - if believed - about the "Death Cookie". Let us get a few things straight which Jack Chick misses.
Egyptians worshipped sun and put round bread on his altars, but did not believe the bread as such was the sun god.
There is a significant gap of logic about the relations of papacy (Papa being a character who sold his soul to the devil) and scripture, as well as a presumption that Latin was originally used to sound mysterious, when back in 500 AD Classic Latin was simply correct language and how the Church prayed since it translated psalms and Holy Mass from Greek, whereas the people's language in Western half of Roman Empire was typically a Latin that related to this as cockney or Bronx' negro English to correct English. Jack misses that.
He misses that the six candles around the Crucifix is using the sevenbranched candlestick, with Calvary as most important light, just as Old Testament foretold New, just as the Sacrifice of Calvary is the source of all grace and present in Holy Mass, which is far from a "human work", and that there are six other sacraments all from the gospel.
He misses that Christ Himself in the Gospel gave the Apostles authority basically to save or damn in his name. He misses that IHC is the first three letters of the Greek name of Jesus. He misses a lot, because he reads Bible from a Protestant tradition, refuses to take in account the Apostolic Fathers, because they are not inspired, but still takes all too much into account his own Protestant tradition. Some of it - calling canon of Septuagint corrupt, for instance - was Jewish, anti-Christian tradition before it was Protestant anti-Catholic.
He basically repeats the religious folklore of Belfast, the Protestant and Orangist quarters.
On top of that he presents the story from a real fraud, "Avro Manhattan" - an obvious freemason if ever there was one - as the story "The Vatican's Holocaust" (link is to an article of mine containing a partial answer to that libel).
Now, does this discredit what John Todd said about Illuminati? No. John Todd did not claim to believe the things from "Death Cookie" from having been there when "Papa" in the story "sold his soul", he does not claim to have been the advisor with horns in that story. Even if his research back when in Illuminati is claimed to credit such a position, that simply means he overtrusts the Illuminati he left. He does claim to have paid among others the charismatic movement. He may over confide in the power of Illuminati money to corrupt it - over confide when he was Illuminati, over fear, later. He does claim to have asked an ex-brother if master tapes are still put on occult altars and to have had an affirmative answer. He may have over feared the demons' capacity to follow each tape or disc made from such a master tape. But this does not basically discredit what he says about Illuminati.
So the question for me is not whether Chick Tracts is discredited by John Todd, but whether John Todd is discredited by the Chick Tracts. Of course John Todd's belief about the Catholic Church is discredited by being a Chick Tract belief about the Catholic Church, more precisely one that pre-dated Chick Tracts for some Centuries, though it might not have been all in place back in John Calvin's day, it is a Protestant folklore belief about the Catholic Church. But John Todd's witness about what he did himself, asked himself, saw himself is not discredited by that.
Whether it be discredited by other factors, like the rape he was convicted for and from prison claimed to be framed about, like military records and discrepancy from his account of military carreer, like the witness of Wiccan Sekhmet about meeting him in asylum, that is another matter. I happen to fear it does not discredit it. Some ways of discrediting people are a bit of an over kill. In my eyes it discredits the discreditors. I may be prejudiced, they tried to discredit my mother before me.
Hans-Georg Lundahl
Buffon Library of Paris
Vigil of Sts Peter and Paul
28 - VI - 2011

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