mercredi 11 février 2009

Reading time for Mgr Williamson!

You have of course promised Benedict XVI to read Pressac.

I recommend you to read also Charles Rosen Sonata Forms and Wolfgang Budday Die musikalische Grundlagen der Wiener Klassik. Why? Se your post Heroic Harmonies!

For theoretician Riepl and composers Haydn and Mozart the Sonata Form was essentially binary, development being an optional diversion in the second half. At least, if it was compulsory, that was only in some connections, like an Allegro of a three or four movement Sonata. Beethoven made it the main thing. Therein he was reactionary in so far as it is the most baroque part of a sonata movement. In format, no.

I compose (see musicalia*) so far mostly in the smaller format of baroque sonata, structurally ranging from Scarlatti to Riepl. And in format usually one movement, less than hundred written bars. Repetitions double the played bar number. Ideal, as far as time is concerned, for MTV or radio.

* was a disabled short link to same.

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Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

PS, saying that it was the old order that gave Beethoven the sonata structure is not quite correct.

Indeed, his teacher in composition was Neefe, pupil of Haydn. And he did go back to Domenico Scarlatti, when it comes to deviating from Riepl. And both Haydn and Scarlatti served princes.

But that is like saying that it was the secular school that gave me the possibility to read Latin. It was. SSHL and University of Lund are not confessing R Catholic or even traditional Lutheran schools. But they served me to study what I wanted, including Aquinas.

A better assessment is that the old order inspired the taking of the Bastille (bloody though it was in its execution) and King Louis XVI confirmed it by abolishing the Bastille 17th July - to alleviate the unjust suffering of a very few.

And the new order does not inspire the abolishment of structures that (at least embryonically) also go back to Richelieu and that also oppress, but many.

Though I love many subjects I learned in school, I sometimes hated the schools in which I learned them, because I was miserable. Learning was my refuge. I still hate school compulsion.

Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

PS 2

Be thorough about Pressac!

Do not let anyone hurry you into what is no real look at evidence, only a submission to outcries!

Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

One other online writer thought Pressac was a a "négationniste". He was for some time, but he is now known for a refutation - which I have not read - of those theses. Why would otherwise Pope Benedict XVI have recommended him as reading?

Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

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