dimanche 9 mai 2010

My dear Bishop Williamson!

My emphases in the quote

Now nobody reasonable can today not have compassion on parents. For instance, father is liable to be run ragged by commuting, by unsatisfying work, by an anti-catholic work-place, while mother is liable to be exhausted by the series of children God can send if she and her husband are to obey the laws of Catholic marriage, by schooling them at home if outside schools are too corrupt, by work outside the home as well as inside if an incorrupt school outside is expensive, and by people's scorn if she stays at home. In any such worst case scenario, God expects of none of us to do the impossible. But he does expect us to carry our Cross, and to do the possible.

Wait, are you a Catholic or a feminist*, Monseigneur?

I will answer highlighted points with same type of emphasis:

Exhaustion from childbirth tends to be compensated by the joy of having children. Very quickly. With women (trust me, I have lived so much with them I nearly qualify for the epithet gynaikotraphes).

Schooling them at home should be the priority in any larger family, unless the alternative is a very good school. And in any case if the child is as harrassed as to threaten or actually commit suicide. If Phoebe Prince actually committed suicide, it may be because certain parts of society threatened her mother with taking her away in such a case. And THAT is of course a worst case scenario. But "HAVING TO" homeschool is not a bad thing, if only one can get ut done.

Working outside home, indeed you have a point.

As for peoples' scorn of a stay at home mother, for one thing, it may have been more of a reality thirty years ago, when the rebellious youth of sixtyeight had just gotten into carreers and not yet had a reality check spelled "Reagan and Thatcher got elected by people who dislike your radical feminism": and for another, even where it exists, staying at home protects from some contact with it, and staying with respectful children is a very good compensation.

If Your Highness wants to study worst case scenarios, think about victims of psychiatry, please!

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Paris, Beaubourg:
G. Pompidou
9/V/2010, Ste Jehanne

PS: I read that a William Richardson was among the Elisabethan martyrs, I invoked him for you.

*Of course I am not accusing your Highness of backing all of feminism with some of its worst consequences like lowering wages since 1965 (Thank youk your Glo-ness), doing that is being feminist in quite another league.

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Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

If you want to read more of this usually bright light of Roman Catholic orthodoxy, the remaining visible part of his blog is dedicated to subscriptions to his newsletter from which above was a quote.

Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

For readers of French, be it noted as on this bright blog that a first child may be more exhausting, due to absence of older siblings to help out.