mardi 23 novembre 2010

Mitry is not Baghdad

Let us begin with a fact about Islam: they have a "duty" (according to their religion) to fight for its expansion. And against its disparagement. It is called jihad.

Let us also note: the means vary according to the circumstances.

In Baghdad, Christians were killed. Among other occasions the last All Hallows. Is it a mere coincidence that that feast has been described by Protestants as "Paganism" and "Idolatry" in disguise? I think, alas, not. If Muslims do not very much like Christians when they get to know the fact that we still believe in Holy Trinity and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, they are maybe even less prone to like a Christian feast that some dissenters have described as idolatry. Neither, of course, is it any coincidence that the killing was in Iraq, a country recently occupied by military forces from Christian countries (including one where the dissenters who describe All Hallows as idolatry are very well represented).

In Mitry this morning, a Christian who had yesterday forwarded an appeal for praying the Rosary for Christians in Iraq, was treated very well. Especially as the man in question was not seen to drink even to keep warm. Except the hot and sugared drinks he has drunk from childhood, and which Muslims have no principle against. That Christian was me. The guards who tried to get me lodged for a few weeks were Arabs. The man who gave me a cup of mint tea was an Arab, he added bread and butter to the kindness. The café where one café au lait was only 2€ (often its is 2€40), was owned by a couple where at least the man was an Arab.

I am not sure I would have been quite as kindly treated if I had been a blue collar worker, if in my teens I had quit all sweets and started drinking beer on a daily basis, or that coffee-with-vodka which Swedish blue collar workers also use to keep warm on wintry days. Which here in France corresponds to drinking wine daily. Typically I keep as much indoors as possible, I even did so in the military: I was sitting in front of radio and telephone or reading books (military instruction - including about out door survival - or for my Latin exams) most of the time (no, the regiment is dissolved so this is no longer any classified information). As now I sit in front of computers or books of the time too. It does not mean I am Muslim or Puritan.

As far as the Middle East goes, the situation seems so intricate, the Christian troops have so far done so little for the Christians (except that Afghanistan, yes has converts, but yes, they are persecuted also by the "democratic governments" that Western troops support) that has not been undone by Muslim majority, I do not know what to do now, except to pray and hope. Keep Rosary beads "rattling"!

As far as our countries, where we are in majority go, I am thankful for every Christian who helps me, like the couple who gave me a sleeping bag yesterday. And hope they help more working class type homeless too.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
23/XI, St Clement of Rome
Y o o L MMX
Town hall of Paris III

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