mardi 15 février 2011

Will Richard Aleman re-open comments on this one or will he not?

Here is the blog post.

On Saturday I complained about comments not being validated. Later in the evening I see they are validated and I see no answers to them. Today as I look again, I do see answers, but no where to put my comments, as if comments were closed.

The North was able to mass produce boots, but if the South had a large enough and widely distributed enough boot making industry, they might not have had the shortage of boots the suffered even without having the factory to mass produce them.

But the point is that mass producing boots was nearly invented during Civil War by the North. Invention of Stitching Machine was made in the 1850's. It was improved and marketed during Civil War by Gordon McKay.

The CSA was too dependent on outside sources for even basic needs of everyday life like clothing and guns for hunting.

Dependent? Or did they just like importing luxuries? There is a difference.

The Kalashnikov felling a plane, that would have to be just about a perfect shot, one difficult to do.

Not so. A plane a hundred metres or two hundred metres or so from shooter, and pointing at a theoretic point in front of plane, where it will be when bullet reaches it plus riddle a bit, that will do it.

One has to take into account too, that a plane can fly higher than any gun can reach.

Above plains, yes. Iraq was a pretty easy prey to bombs. But, when it comes to landing paras or when it flies up in mountains, there is another matter.

The mountainous terrain of Afghanistan may indeed disfavor tanks in many cases. But this discussion, as i understand it, involves the general question of how a distributist economy would fare against a capitalist or socialist one in war. That would include a flat terrain as well, which wouldn’t have those advantages.

Kaboul? The West is not Using that terrain to give Christians freedom. The President in Kaboul is playing a line dancing game between warlords in mountains (who are regarded as heroes by some, sufficiently many to keep him at their mercy in some questions, unless he really is the jerk he seems - he put a man in prison for converting to Christianity) and the occupant who is happy because he was elected. In an election they had a chance to validate and did not invalidate.

Sad, sad, story.

Btw, from what i’ve read, i think Afghanistan is more what i’d call a landlordist society than a distributist one.

Depends on where, I think. Plains, you are right, I think. Mountains? I have the impression - a strong one, but it may still be wrong - that Mountain Dwellers there are small tribal societies. Distributist or not, at least non-industrial and simple "to the extreme".

Hans-Georg Lundahl=HGL
Audoux, Paris III
15-II-2011, Feast of
St Claude de La Colombière

“Ammo is provided by enemy”. = Whenever Western troops are lost in battle, they loose their ammo too. To OUR enemy, or one of them, in this case.

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