mercredi 10 août 2011

It is easier to smash a shop than to open one ...

... but if you want a future, it is more useful to open a shop than to smash one.

Christiania is defending its shops and houses against police evicting and smashing (ok, some of the shops "were on Pusher Street" and so illegal, but those are not all that the police of Denmark smashed there). London young immigrants are doing what police did in Christiania. By doing so, they show that Marxist revolutionary ideologies are indeed evil, though shooting their most innocent and young adherents (with some of their children or younger siblings brought along too) was not a good thing.

Being richer than someone else is, is not a crime. It is a question of how the money was earned, honestly or not.

How many villas were sacked? But the owner might be as easily an owner of a small shop a bit bigger than the next to you as a bad official or a big business dishonest deal maker.

How many kebab or falafel bars were smashed? None or few I presume. How many restaurants and pubs serving alcohols like beer and gin were smashed? And yet both get their money by serving customers what they want to eat and drink.

How many shops selling fresh dates and peppers and halal butchery were sacked? And how many shops selling bacon and pork meat sausages were sacked? And yet both get their money the same way, selling foods and diapers and drinks and matches and toilet paper and sewing equipment. How come the ones serving the English are more culpable than those serving immigrants from Moslem countries? Because richer? That is not more culpable, that is having more customers.

Banks earn their money partly honestly, keeping it for people until they need it, part dishonestly, taking interest. Not all dishonestly. They do other things than just give loans and take interest. Since they give interest, they give an opportunty to those taking it to repay tothe poor impoverished by competition and by paying interest, such repayment having the characteristics of giving alms. Were banks more or less sacked in proportion as they are used by immigrants? Were any banks sacked at all?

Schools do keep a lot of people in adolescent age in studies they do not care about, but they also serve those who want to study - and would be serving them better if those who did not want so were put out of school and into whatever honest apprenticeship available and acceptable to his or her parents. Libraries are free to visit or not to visit. How many libraries were burnt? In France in 2005 there were some!

Police stations keep people usually captive in order to investigate crimes. Psychiatric hospitals keep one murderer a few months, a thief or one who slapped his girl friend a few years and ruin lives of people who never did wrong to a fly - not as if they thaught that a righteous way of dealing with the deeds of people, but because they do not consider people as doers but as sufferers. Were police stations or mental institutions more sacked? How many innocent victims of those were freed by rioters? How many young ones were brought back to their parents after mistreatments by child welfare? Were rioters not more concerned with freeing fellow rioters or people doing time for drugs or even with freeing noone, just hitting bobbies?

I remember a bobby who helped ma and me when sleeping in Dover, second summer she took me to an English speaking country. I might not like what I hear of secret services, but I do not hate bobbies, and I think they might have been worse off tonight.

The riots tonight have not served the freedom from psychiatry and child welfare, not served the freedom from school compulsion and to get to work and marriage early in life, not served the freedom to open small honest shops. They have only served to give a kind of excuse to the Oslo killer, if not for his actions, and choice of the particular victims he took on, at least for the choice of the groups - Marxist and immigrant - where he looked for them.

I was well treated by Muslims this morning, in France. Others have been ill treated by, presumably also Muslims, this night in England. I am not worth more than they. I cannot tell a butcher making bacon and having his shop sacked tonight for a worth of hundreds orthousands of pounds that Muslims are great because they offered me some coffees and some extra euros this morning. If that is the case, if such were the choices of the rebels and burners tonight. Alas, such is my suspicion. Of course, neither will I tell people here that Muslims suck because there were riots over in London: I did not see those of 2005 (was in countryside), and people here will know how bad or tolerable or absent were riots here, and how many of the rioters were Muslims among the rest. People over here know that better than I.

I do not think every immigrant should get a ticket out of Europe, but I think some London immigrants just earned one.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
St Laurent's day of in the
Year of God's Manhood
Two thousand and eleven.

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Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

This is not a critique of Tottenham rioters when it started, if man on this video is truthful:

Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

Thank you, this one was actually appropriate!

Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

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