vendredi 26 août 2011

a connexion?

1) I have been deprived of sleep, like two three nights ago, when I was very unkindly and uncourteously woken up after less than two hours sleep and could not find a quiet place for yet another hour, plus when I did was woken up five in the morning
2) guestbook spammers do publicity for sleeping medication - (if you look up the links to caches in two top msgs,  and then a few of the links in the caches, I would not, but if you really want to verify - do)

3) last month Malaysia has looked on this blog
Connexion 1 and 2 = a scam to make me loo, like I had insomnia.
Connexion 1 and 3 = the guy who woke me up was certainly of the Muslim Black community, the last one to keep me up after that of the Muslim Arab community. And Malaysia is a Muslim country.
Connexion 2 and 3 = Malaysia is a Muslim country and Muslims are very supportive of mental and bad life style and similar diagnoses, especially of people critical of Islam./HGL

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