mercredi 17 août 2011

"You-Cat" No-Cat-But-A-Weasel, Part-2

In Question 42, YOUCAT asks: “Can someone accept the theory of evolution and still believe in the Creator?” It answers:

Yes. Although it is a different kind of knowledge, faith is open to the findings and hypotheses of the sciences…A Christian can accept the theory of evolution as a helpful explanatory model, provided he does not fall into the heresy of evolutionism, which views man as the random product of biological processes.

One can of course still believe in a creator as one creating first cell or guiding evolution, but this is not sufficient for a Christian belief in God, who is not only creator and majestic, but also truthful and author of all texts that constitute the Holy Writ, also known as Holy Bible.

The recall site cites Humani Generis by Pius XII against the error.

Thus, although the fathers of the Council of Trent referred to this foundational text as “the sacred history of Genesis” (15) and Pope Pius XII confirmed in the 1950 encyclical Humani Generis that the first eleven chapters of Genesis ”are truly a kind of history” one sees the authors of YOUCAT taking the destructive path that the Modernists first forged more than a century ago. (16)

Unfortunately Humani Generis is not quite categoric in ruling out prolonged scenarios in which six days stand for six long periods. Church Fathers do explain the six days mostly as six days as we know them, but some as six instants in which the angels apprehended the single instant creation. Single instant is of course shorter than six days, no Church Father says the six days are as in creation longer than six days. Neither does it rule out quite categorically that Adam could have had ancestors as to his body, which the site here does not cite, but it cites a patristic counterargument:

In reality, however, the Catholic Church rejected this view long before Charles Darwin, as all Church Fathers and Doctors, including St. Thomas Aquinas, unanimously taught that Adam was created immediately (directly and all at once) by God, from the dust of the earth, and Eve was supernaturally created by God from Adam’s side. This teaching is found throughout the writings of the Fathers and in 561, Pope Pelagius I affirmed it in a profession of faith:

For I confess that…Adam himself and his wife, who were not born of other parents, but were created, the one from the earth, the other…from the rib of man... (18)

(The Sources of Catholic Dogma, Henry Denzinger, p. 91.)

Adam and Eve, a genealogy that places Our Lord as number 72 from Adam, are not just parts of Genesis, but also of Gospel. If Jesus was indeed God, either this was and remains true, or he would have known it was false. And he was and is God. And God is no liar.

Applies of course to miracles of sun standing still (by orders of Joshua) or of demons being cast out (by order of Our Lord Jesus Christ) too. Heliocentrism and psychiatry sqare badly with Biblical and therefore Christian data here.

Hans-Georg Lundahl