jeudi 5 février 2009

Two courageous men, two heavily conformist communities

  • Mgr Richard Williamson, braving the present day Roman Catholic community by denying part of the charges of hate crimes perpetrated (according to those charges) against Jews between 1939 and 1945.
  • Thoaff, *braving the Jewish/Israeli community by admitting part of the charges of hate crimes perpetrated (according to those charges) by Jews prior to 1900. At least in first version of his work.
*Ariel Toaff, my typo.

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Anonyme a dit…

Yes, I suppose Williamson is courageous. (I don't know the other referenced person, but will google it.) I have been arguing all morning with old schoolmates twittering over the horror of anyone denying any fact or figure of the Holocaust when so much has been faked, and when it is being used to promote a horror if its own. I said we should better be discussing the real differences between SSPX and the post-VII church, from primary sources easy to check instead of the now almost impossible sources associated with the Holocaust. Here is a very recent faked source:

The scary part anyway is how we seem to be able to attack any denier of the present cover story of whatever topic with the ferocity of wolves.

Your blog is incredibly interesting. I read a couple of your entries on abortion. Did you know that an early pregnancy is healthier for a woman's body? The reference for that assertion is on my blog, under the post about the link between breast cancer and abortion.

The thing about Williamson and other courageous men is that if you start to pull a thread in the entire hoax, the whole fake ediface comes apart. We were meant to love, to marry young, to procreate, to grow our food, to love our children, to get to heaven. They make life about something else, and then set us against each other in the achievement of emptiness.

In fact, it makes me think I ought to follow up on the tone I have found in your blog, and write a piece on Williamson: "Not only is the Holocaust a Hoax: the whole damn thing is a hoax!"

Cling to Christ, my friend.

Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

My ma told me the healthiest age for a first childbirth is between 17 and 23 or something. And that for a first childbirth, 30 is worse than 13.

She loved her gynecology studies, except for abortion (she never did one) and contraception.

Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

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