samedi 20 mars 2010

Some "mises-à-point" as they say in France ...

Muslims first, since you like the first place.

I have no problem with Christianity, but with you. I have no problem with Holy Trinity, but with you. I have no problem calling the Blessed Virgin Mother of God, but with you. I have no problem saying God died on the Cross, and rose from the Grave, but with you I have a problem.

You pretend I am pretending, I am not. You pretend I am confused, I am not.

You also think, if I "did not respect my religion" - which I did - I might be doubting about it. I was not, I am not. You say between yourselves for years, "let us see if being friendly to him will open his eyes and make him as Muslim" - but I will not be a Muslim. Ever.


Jews next.

Neither will I accept Judaism.

I have no problem with believing of all my heart and saying that the Virgin was and remained Virgin. I have no problem with believing the Church as historically known up to previous C. is the Church.

I do have a problem with some talmudic traditions, with some cabbalistic traditions, and with you looking for another Messiah than the one God sent you to deliver you from, not Romans exactly, but sins which are more tyrannical. And I have a big problem if you try to involve me into all that.

Now for Christians.

I have known kindness after kindness from you, but I feel as if you felt as if I feel as if I had nothing to offer except an open hand. I have a head, so I have a blog. I have a heart so I have a hope. I left neither when I left last home I had.

I went indeed to Santiago on last St James' year. But not to recover from sins I never had, not to biggen ambitions which were not mine, not to get initiated into secret things. So, though you too are Christians, you too have given me a problem. Even unto with Moslems and Jews setting them hoping for conversions and initations that can impossibly be mine, because I am neither the kind of seeker, nor the kind of sinner that some imagine.

Hans-Georg Lundahl

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Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

Dicimus PRIMVM, non posse errare Pontificem in iis praeceptis, quae toti Ecclesiae praescribuntur; quia, vt suprà diximus, in praeceptis, & iudiciis particularibus, non est absurdum Pontificem errare.

FIRSTLY we say, that the Pontiff cannot err in precepts, which are prescribed for all the Church; since, as we said above, it is not absurd that a Pontiff err in precepts or judgements on particular matters.

From my message on real St Robert Bellarmine quote,