dimanche 22 août 2010

Doctrinal brickwall?

Dignitatis Humanae/Mirari Vos: - St Nicholas of Myra destroyed Pagan temples. So did St Martin of Tours. But: St Martin of Tours, while preachng vehemently against Priscillianists was against persecuting them. He even refused to sit down with a bishop who was for persecuting them, until Emperor Maximos (?) nearly forced him. Afterwards he regretted having sat down with that bishop.

Lumen Gentium/Unam Sanctam: - Saying there are souls outside overt confession of Catholicism who are nevertheless part of Church in God's eyes, does have some support in St Pius X, his Catechism from 1905. Saying their spiritual life has something to do with the elements of truth present in their communities, is a common sense correlate.

As for the Russian and similar Churches, counted as Schismatic by Roman Tradition, they seem to have a point about Popes not being the invariant support for Orthodoxy (Assisi 1986), or if not, we deal with a Rome that no longer condemns them.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Pompidou Library of
22/VIII/2010, Octave of
Our Lady's Assumption

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