jeudi 12 août 2010

It seems Greens are often Homo-liberal ... I am not

"The good archbishop has forgotten the ninth commandment, which is `thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbour'," said Brown in comments published by the Sydney Morning Herald. "He's lost the ethic of the golden rule and the Greens have kept it. The Greens are much closer to mainstream Christian thinking than Cardinal Pell. That's why he's not standing for election and I am."

He called Pell's position in favor of Catholic Church teaching on homosexuality "discriminatory and biased," and claimed that "The majority of Catholics support equality in marriage (as do) the majority of Christians in Australia."


It would discriminate against individuals thought by psychologists to be homosexuals if Church excludes them from marriage as in one man one woman. To the definition of marriage it does not matter whether that one man and that one woman are horniest on each other or on some others, as long as they intend to be faithful to each other.

Getting laid is not just about getting as horny as possible, it is also and foremost about getting less horny. And as such getting laid in a marital way may not get the homosexually oriented maximum satisfaction, but it would aid some against getting hotter and hotter on their typical temptations (I have said this before, and this is not because these temptations are mine: I am a Swede, my country-man Åke Green went to prison for "discriminating against homosexuals", and I have therefore a legal interest in stating I am not discriminating against them).

So, excluding people from marriage, as Christianity defines this throughout 2000 years, is not discriminatory. As for sodomy, as for lesbian sex, we must discriminate against that in our lives and in public, whether this is "illegal" or not. We discriminate quite as much against those behaviours in heterosexual people.

So that Green Politician, and that Court in Ca, are wrong about tradition discriminating against people due to sexual "orientation", it only discriminates against some kinds of acts and relations, regardless of "orientation" of people involved.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Médiatèque Musicale
Les Halles, Paris I
Ste Claire of Assisi

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Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

Proposition 8 fails to advance any rational basis in singling out gay men and lesbians for denial of a marriage license.

We are not doing so

Proposition 8 does nothing more than enshrine in the California Constitution the notion that opposite-sex couples are superior to same-sex couples.

Which is also true about "couples" in the sexual sense, regardless of whether the opposite sex couples contain only heterosexuals or also a gay or a lesbian or both, regardless of whether the same sex male couples contain only two gay men or one of them or both is bi or hetero, regardless of whether same sex female couples contain only two lesbians or one of them or both is bi or hetero.

Source of the gigantic non-sequitur just cited