mercredi 20 octobre 2010

John Sanidopoulos is often good, but again dishonest, out of loyalty to neohimerite "orthodox"

Here is link to post.

Its condemnation of abortion is good and recognised as such by both Catholics and Orthodox. But since quoting Church Fathers he is also condemning Contraception, though Catholics and Paleohimerites, but not Neohimerites recognise that.

I added three comments, of which he did not approve the second, the one most condemning of neohimerite "orthodoxy".

I quoted from post, from St Augustine quote:

that they procure poison to produce infertility, and when this is of no avail, they find one means or another to destroy the unborn and flush it from the mother's womb.

I noted: that "poison to procure infertility" corresponds to contraceptive pill, just as much as "one means or another to ... flush it from the mother's womb" corresponds to abortion pills or other means of abortion.

I noted furthermore, that if he was a neohimerite, he needed to tell his bishop that, I as a Papist knew it already from Pius XI (Casti Connubii) and from Paul VI (Dignitatis Humanae), as well as paleo-himerites already were told so by that bishop of Shanghai and San Francisco and by Fr Seraphim Rose.

This was left out. The quote from Saint John Chrysostom confirmed it, and therefore I added a comment that he DID approve:

St John the Gold Mouth: "Why do you sow where the field is eager to destroy the fruit? Where there are medicines of sterility?"

Contraception pills are precisely "medicines of sterility". Thank you again.

Which proves he had already seen and disapproved the other comment.


This means I am very suspicious of intent when two persons of Greek Orthodox Church - one probably excommunicate, since communist and atheist - greeted me this last week. Also of that OCF thing I received like an invitation in this guestbook spam from Chisinau:

Ort/Place: Meniappeaby, Cotonou
Datum: 2010-10-14 07:25:03

As could be seen from RIPE nr, the spammer was not in Cotonou but in Chisinau.

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Hans-Georg Lundahl a dit…

erratum: "Sandinopoulos"

should be: "Sadinopoulos."

Getting an N too much is Scandinavian tradition.

Scandinavia is really Scadinavia. Later forms of same word include Skaane and Skanoer. Which is the landscape and close to the town I am from.

Anonyme a dit…

erratum, bis: "Sadinopoulos"

should be: "Sanidopoulos".

Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

Dialogue of comments ha been erased from his blog, here is from that comment section:

From Augustine:

"Sometimes their sadistic licentiousness ..."

Since St Augustine lived well before the Marquis de Sade, I would like to know his real words.
cruel licentiousness?

I have been around a few sadists and masochists on internet, and a man may enjoy spanking or handcuffing his wife without being guilty of abortion or of supporting it.

St John the Gold Mouth: "Why do you sow where the field is eager to destroy the fruit? Where there are medicines of sterility?"

Contraception pills are precisely "medicines of sterility". Thank you again.


The entire English language was developed post-Augustine.


Calling "sol et luna" "sun and moon" is a change in language, but not in terminology.

Calling three different things like:

a) a man spanking his wife on common agreement and risking a big slap from her if he overdoes it;

b) a master ordering his sex slave to "conquer" her moral consciousness and poison candy and kill children to please her master;

c) a woman aborting eagerly to avoid childbirth

all with same name, "sadism", since Marquis de Sade saw a common point in feeling sexual pleasure in pain and humiliation of the other, is a change in terminology, and not just in language.

Similarily, "pædophilia" is one of these modern meaningless words, part of a bad terminology. It covers two things that ancient Athens and modern Afghanistan felt very differently about and a third which was not known in those societies:

a) a man marrying a girl of twelve was done in Athens, and in Rome, though it was rare, and waiting till she was fourteen or fiteen was more common, among Semites and Afghans I do not think it is or was even rare, in classic Greek this is not paid-erastia;

b) a man getting a boy of eleven as a prostitute was not done under Taliban stricter rule, but is done undercover now in Cabool, this is paid-erastia, such as maybe Corinth, but not Athens knew;

c) a sect adept raping babies who have not even learned to talk, unknown in both places, known from recent Belgian crime story.


In modern English usage, sadism also has the meaning of "excessive cruelty" that could have nothing to do with sexuality.

Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

Obviously, I think Modern sloppy misusage of terminology is to be avoided in any language, English or otherwise.