lundi 18 octobre 2010

My Reason for Being: Luddite, Reactionary, Distributist - As Seen and Said by Someone Else

Free Cars for the Poor?
from blog The Distributist Review, by Donald P. Goodman III


many of the poor lack cars for another, and much simpler, reason: they just can’t pay for one without a job, but they can’t hold down a job without a reliable car.
But the problem is not that they don’t have cars; it’s that they need cars.


How about this: how about we try to set up our society so that we don’t end up requiring every citizen to purchase a monstrously expensive piece of equipment to perform the normal functions of civic life?

At this point the familiar objection floats in: but our society didn’t set itself up this way on purpose; it was just the free choices of individuals. People wanted to live in suburbs, and they needed cars to do that. So everything got spread out. So now everybody needs a car, because everything’s spread out. Surely you’re not advocating limiting the free choices of individuals?

The most obvious reply to this objection is that it itself limits the free choice of individuals.

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