jeudi 24 avril 2008

When in Rome 1986 just before Pentecost

... I saw the tomb of this man in St Peter's Cathedral:

Prince Henry Benedict Stuart, Duke of York and brother of Bonnie Prince Charlie, later became Cardinal-bishop of Ostia and Velletri and of Frascati, Dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals, Vice-Chancellor of the Holy Roman Church and, de jure, King Henry IX of England, I of Scotland and Ireland and King of France. He was very nearly elected Pope in the Conclave of 1800 so that he would then have been both Pope and King of England. He died 13 July 1807, just after the fall of the Holy Roman Empire, so that 2007 is the bicentenary of his death.

This is taken from the blog Roman Christendom. It shows in left margin. As for "and King of France" I will ask. I had no idea, and as far as I knew the Bourbon dynasty was not exstinct at the time. I got an answer on comments for this message.

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