mardi 8 avril 2008

"Generous Orthodoxy" defends fallibilism?

Look here!

To my tired sore eyes, this looks like a think tank calling itself "generous orthodoxy" defending the "fallibilism" of all sources of Christian dogma. I ask not whether that be orthodox, I cannot imagine any way of fitting that to orthodoxy, but merely: what is "generous" about it?

Of course people in this town were not too happy about letting me sleep tonight, so I might have misread. But even if "generous orthodoxy" is not defending the fallibilism of Christian sources, you understand what I mean about there being nothing generous about doing that, dont you?


PS, seems on second check I did not misread. See further my comments (Hans Lundahl, linking back to my blog)

PPS, they defended fallibilism against this reasoning. I hold with Alexander Pruss here, against Liberal Theology, as he calls his post. Sad that he contradicts that notion in evolution and scientific irrealism.

PPPS, there seems to be some similarity with defense of fallibilism and some part of the points made by Fr. Michael Keating concerning Islam cf. my second comment.

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Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

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