mardi 22 juillet 2008

My enemies, their methods goals and approximate possible descriptions

When lying accusations * dare not appear
When half told lies * hold people in fear
When virtue is made
To hide in the shade
Like vice and perversion * - psychology's there!

When Chaplin's last marriage * and Sodom's last crime
Are seen as one sickness * in our muddleheaded time
But all is excused
If you will be used
By shrinks or employers * - there's no reason, no rhyme!

When payment is due * for "faults" in the past
According to "justice" * in a network that's too vast
That cares not for truth
When "protecting the youth"
I believe I perceive * Free Masonry's blast:

Or maybe the synagogue's * (part Jewish I am
But foremost a Christian * the Talmud is sham)
Whatever's the reason
It ruins my season
Whoever's behind it * I don't like this SPAM!

These Moslems came late * onto the path of my life
And maybe someone else * is the root of this strife
But some have been trying
To end my defying:
To give me menial work * and a spinster for wife.