samedi 26 septembre 2009

Laban, Elrond, Sarastro

Holy history + twice fiction, but there is a moral context where all three are relevant.

Laban demanded Jacob work for 7 years before he could marry Rachel. Then he fooled Jacob to marry Lea. Then Rachel had to put up with having her sister for co-wife, she reacted badly, God punished her by delaying her childbirths, and the second childbirth killed her.

Elrond asked Aragorn to get together a kingdom, before he could marry Arwen. But Arwen could afford to wait, she was immortal up to marrying Aragorn. She was not aging, her hips were not stiffening.

BOTH Laban and Elrond were fathers. Though Laban considered his older daughter above the one chiefly concerning Jacob. Sarastro was not a father to either Tamino or Pamina. Indeed, he induced Pamina to rebel against her mother. And here therefore the condition imposed by Sarastro was an immoral one. Side issue on condition time of abstinence: it was meant to initiate them into abstinence. Abstinence up to marriage is a good thing. Abstinence from sex for the brides of God is an even better thing. But abstinence for the mere sake of delaying marriage as if sex were in itself a bad thing is itself a clearly bad thing. I will not look at the Enchanted Flute here in Paris. I've seen it. I like the music. Last time I saw it, I concluded Papageno was the only Catholic character in it. Not a model Catholic, to be sure, a bit of a butterfly, BUT when it came to marriage (with Papagena, see duet1) he knew clearly what it was for. But Sarastro disgusts me, and his dupes Tamino and Pamina dismay me. The Queen of the Night, as such, does not inspire great sympathy, but then she is a parody.

Tolkien, when writing to his son Michael told him: "never let a lady wait". My own life tragedy has been, so far, Sarastros forcing me to do that in order to prove myself first, not a Jacob, not an Aragorn, but a Tamino. I will not. It has been going on since my teens, I have had it. I made the pilgrimage to Santiago for marriage, possibly with one particular girl, anyway for marriage. NOT for any kind of initiation. One day I prayed for "une mujer o la muerte". May the deaths2 that since a year after began cease to concern Christians and start to concern masons, for as long as they do not cease that bizutage.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
13/26 sept. 2009
Paris V, Buffon

1What a coincidence that the short url spells "klb", i e "Kaleb":

2John Paul II, who, if not very Catholic in all doctrinal matters, seems to have died a death befitting Christians: hated by the gay lobby, for instance. Or abbé Pierre, whose organism had aided me materially. Cardinal Stickler, abbé Dom Gérard Calvet. Pavarotti, Serge de Béketch. Recently too Bertil Gärtner who did mean something for my conversion story, and many others'.

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