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Piracy and slavehunt are not Christian things

Two newslinks:

1 Muslim govtm of Bangladesh bans begging.

That means, as was written on Facebook:

"Does that mean all charities are banned?"

In theory it is the same in France. So please valorize my blogs or music - - before I get two months of prison for begging type "raccolage passif".

Were I to run after people asking for money, it would class as "mendicité aggressive" and theoretically land me with three months. Thank God the police have been tolerant in practise!...

No, it does not mean charities are banned. It means people without resources will be forced to run to charities and have only the coffee or tea they can get there. If they want an extra cup and beg for it, theoretically they can get prison there in Bangladesh.

I find that "démarche" communist on part of Bangla govtm.

Communist or slavehunting, I may add. Looking for "heroes of the work". Enforcing for the rest a system that is collective and thereby more or less oppressive.

The slavehunts in black Africa, the piracy cum slavehunt on European ships before Charles X stopped that, were part of a Jihad on the vice of idleness. The modern version - forbidding public begging - is current in Algeria. If you beg from tourists, even if they can afford and are willing to give, police will take you away, or so I've heard. There are people who admire that. I do not. In practise over there, the system is leniated by the fact that one may knock a door and be sure to find hospitality, next evening you knock another door. Or so I've heard too. Black men will be alone in the "cafés des clochards" - the charities where street people get what they need for the morning. Or, again, so I've heard.

2 Jewish piracy in Caribbean.

I note that scull and crossbones were on tombstone of a Jewish pirate. Were they originally a Jewish, anticatholic symbolism? For a Catholic, Lutheran and Orthodox symbolism, the scull and crossbones of Adam belong under the cross and the crucified, who saved by his suffering in Calvary his and our first ancestors.

Compare : "The 7 Laws of the Children of Noah" - was piracy in the Caribbean an attempt to impose "Noahidism" on Christians? Is "Scull and Bones" Society - same piratic symbols - another such attempt?

Nevertheless, there were also pirates who heard Holy Mass with devotion.

And now some French:

3 Ni Valérian et Laureline, ni Mad Max?

Ça c'est regarder les vètements. Un Maroquí avait dit à Franco que ce n'était pas en regardant leurs vètements qu'il allait les connaître, quand celui-ci avait dit être au Maroc "pour les civiliser".

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Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

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Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

"begging type 'raccolage passif' " - I had been tricked about the meaning of that phrase back in 2005, and thought it was a legal phrase for begging in a non-agressive manner.

It is a legal phrase, I presume, but "raccolage" doesn't mean begging, it means hooking. That's the kind of words even a well educated man will not know until he comes to a country, and sometimes not very quickly even then.

Two policemen in Sainte Foy had taken me to the police station and apparently had so low an esteem for me, that they used this trick to make sure I verbally called myself a hooker, which I am not.