vendredi 24 avril 2009

Uses of homeschooling

I was reading a message called ironically "for the wearing of the green", this time applied to Iran. Apparently you can get fined for shouting Allahu akbar there. I said it was "funny" as well as the fact that Christendom's countries, many of them (Austria, Denmark and US being honourable exceptions, France as well until a recent law) outlaw homeschooling.

The friend who had published the article - on facebook - said, basically, "but you can always do as my (ma? granny?) tell your kids that the teacher is not God and does not know everything."

TRUE. At least for now. And sometimes the teachers themselves do it for the parents, like one of my first teachers:

I had made the subtraction 800 - 200 = 600. She corrected by the book. "No, the book says 700." - But if 8 - 2 = 6, 800 - 200 must = 600! - "Nah, that's not what the book says, correct according to the book!" - Which, grudgingly, I did. A little later (one to five minutes or so) another pupil says same thing to her, and she tells all the class she had been correcting wrong and the book had a misprint.

BUT. Let us say I show my (maybe to be) sons or daughters the diagram here:

or some other diagram in series on astranomy and let us say they go to school with the knowledge that there is neither in parallax nor seasons any real proof for heliocentrism ...

When going to school with the kind of knowledge about non-sense in the proving or even possibility of evolution I found in E H Andrews "From Nothing to Nature" (see "What I did not write and where you can find" it in my Crea-vs Evolu-blog), I interrupted my science teacher with buts - and got just one round less of arguing than needed to make the point clearly. I was not popular with my comrades. Except as an object of ridicule. That is one reason, maybe the main one, I got no girl-friend, fiancée or wife as yet.

See what I mean? As a home-schooler, I could have chosen my company. I could have had quiet and dignity enough to make a good impression on someone. And I would not have been wrecked socially. Swedish local authorities refused me that option.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale
8 August, St Dominic, 2009

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this link,, gives another reason for homeschooling.

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It was grandmother

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