samedi 10 avril 2010

Is Carlsberg run by Islamists? (link, comments)

Objectively speaking, yes.

Link to newsflash.

My comment (previously published on FB comments on a friend's newslink):

Whose side are you on?

For me, Carlsberg is doing a second big bad turn on workers. My grandfather, as official monopoly's distiller was in same tradeunion as they.

First one was buying up Sw. Pripps and closing one brewery, making 100 - 200 workers workless.

I wrote a letter to protest against this to Danish Ruling Queen, Her Majesty Queen Margaret II. What she could do? Cease having Carlsberg as Royal Court Delivery, which is what I asked of her.

Though, knowing Sweden and Denmark, Pripps workers probably had that rule already.

To me, that is scary islamism, what Carlsberg is doing.


In small breweries, workers may be more trusted. Or such abnegation may be more voluntary. Small is beautiful.

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Hans Georg Lundahl a dit…

The Flying Inn


G. K. Chesterton

Carlsberg reminds of English allies of Misysra Ammon of that novel.