jeudi 8 avril 2010

Once upon a time psychiatrists wanted pedophile offenders to take councelling and then get back to work ...

... the then only Bishop or Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger did not know the one he was sheltering had offended against children.

But he did know sexual offenses in clerics used to be punished by defrocking, and that "now" (back then) councelling was a "new solution".

Nowadays it is more probable that psychiatrists would find pedophiles where there is no pedophilia and exact councelling before even letting someone out.

They are professional fear mongers. Yesterday I tried to sleep in the entry of a house where a psychiatrist had his office. At midnight I was turned out, although I had neither smoked nor drank nor spat, nor otherwise been dirty to or about anyone. And whoever did not want me did not dare say so him- or herself, the security guard came to show me off.

And their fear mongering is beginning to concern everyone, look here.


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