mardi 27 avril 2010

Sacrilege and pity

Some hardships drive people to very desperate means.

One of the worst is sacrilege.

Here (click link ---->) the object of the Sacrilege was a host. The plan was an even worse sacrilege, which by the mercy and pity of God was averted.

Here (click link ---->) it was only the celebrant and only during a lesser part of the Mass. It was heinous too.

God delivered the desperate housewife (that is a situation where that word is appropriate) from the cruelty of her husband.

But when will Benedict XVI deliver Susana Maiolo from the cruelty of psychiatry? After all, she has committed a crime for which ecclesiastic judgement is appropriate. If he lets psychiatry interfere with it, he may be more cruel than he thinks. It was a time when he was more willing to put a priest into the hands of psychiatrists than to defrock him (probably rules about defrocked priests had changed so that this might have led to family tragedies), now he is paying an exorbitant price for what might have been just a mistake. Catholics who doubt he is the real Pope may be doing that too.

God interfered between wife and cruel husband, since normally men are not supposed to interfere between husband and wife. As between psychiatry and patient the bond is nowhere near sacred, and it is a mark of the evil of our times that Westerners are about as callous about a patient sufferening bad treatment from psychiatry as an average Moslem where he feels at home might be about a - Christian - wife suffering cruelty from a - Moslem - husband.

Between psychiatry and patient there may be cause for men like Church men to interfere, as I previously asked of my Bishop back in the Stockholm diocese for myself and for other patients clearly sane of mind, but being driven out of it by demeaning - not always physically bad, but demeaning - treatment. Before asking for or waiting for divine miracles.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Mairie du III, Paris

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Hans-Georg Lundahl a dit…

On my FB account, when linking to first, the one about Eucharistic miracle, I had written also:

Spanish Inquisition in 1620's and 30's stopped burning witches and warlocks, since there had been false confessions (not due to torture!).

That does not mean witchcraft was dependalised: witches were made to recant and promise a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

Nowadays, there seem to be some witches around nostalgic of those days: one day I walked along with two either wiccans or hindoos who were into healing + mantras.

I am not sure I am not a victim of witchcraft.

I do know, I recommended the nicer one of the two "the only mantra permissible for a Christian is :" the Jesus prayer. (Which I wrote down for her, knowing it was used by the Roman Catholic Uniate Saint Josaphat Kunczevic).

On way back FROM Santiago I sat and talked to a priest with whom I was hitchhiking. I told him this in very much fewer words ("you must have met some interesting people" - "indeed, I have walked with two witches", whereupon he stopped the car and let me off, as if I were a Satanist: ...