jeudi 15 avril 2010

That is not true, signor laicista!

La realtà è che quando un clericale usa la parola libertà intende quella dei soli clericali e non le libertà di tutti. Domandano le loro libertà a noi laicisti in nome dei principi nostri, e negano le libertà altrui in nome dei principi loro.

Basically: priests demand only their own liberties, denying the rest our liberties.

Example 1: priests want the liberty to excommunicate girls chosing abortion when pregnant from incest with twins at age ten, but do not want "our" liberties to abort when needed.

Example 2: priests denounce homosexual marriage and child adoptions.

Countercase: it was the "laicisti" that raised marital age in Romagna from 12 to 18 for girls.

Which - in 1902 - made a certain Alessandro Serenelli too impatient to get an excuse for a dispensation. Which made him make a certain Maria Goretti an indecent proposal. Which she refused, was killed for, and forgave him for. So, the laicisti made her a martyr, and they made Alessandro a penitent, but one can hardly claim they gave the couple the liberty that Catholic clergy ruling Romagna had given some thirty-two years before.

About example 1: nobody excommunicated the girl in Brazil. One bishop notified that abortion meant automatic excommunication. The real problem is that the mother and the doctors who pressurised the girl to make an abortion instead of taking a not too big risk to make a cesarian later, saving three lives instead of one, were not excommunicated.

The real threat to her freedom was the two doctors.

About example 2: homosexual couples that adopt in countries that allow the practise are typically well off. The losers are real parents, who are stamped as inadequate and lose their own freedom with that of their children to have them grow up in heterosexual surroundings.

Sometimes because they are poor. Sometimes because they are stamped as alcoholics. Sometimes because they are stamped as violent or as psychically unstable.

Psychiatrists include a big percentage of homosexuals. They are a bit too willing to do service to such couples by stamping real parental couples as unfit.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
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