samedi 10 avril 2010

By replacing St Thomas' five ways by "universe had a beginning and it is proven",

and at same time, Loisy-wise, ignoring the historic evidence for God (i e miracles, espec. those pertaining to public Revelation) what do we get?

Nietzsche's and his likes' "doubts about God's survival" (in his own case, not doubt but negation).

Here is why.

Mihai Eminescu wrote about a star with a retarded effect.

In the five ways, we are talking about immediate, non-retarded causality.

In miracles we are talking about purpose, directed to the problem (of sickness, death, ignorance) solved by such.

Let me add immediately, I am not tempted to leave the five ways of Aquinas, and still less of leaving the belief in publically recorded miracles.


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