mercredi 21 avril 2010

Three Catholic Fundamentalists

  • 1 Origen and
  • 2 St Augustine (the latter in De Civitate Dei notes that the former ridiculed Egyptians for believing in a 40.000 year old earth)
  • 3 St Thomas Aquinas (noted that the one-moment creation proned by both may have preceded the six day creation proned by "all other" Church fathers, since the one may refer to first embrya, the second to miraculously rapid fullgrown exemplars)

    - ok, let's throw in a
  • 4 for fun: St Robert Bellarmine, argued that Galileo was wrong.

    Do you need the references (I am notoriously lazy about that) or do you trust my memory?/HGL

The provocation is the ingresse of this partly readable even for free article by Dermot McMullan. Link.

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